Nicoletta Gouli
7, Theopompou street
11635 Athens, Greece
phone. 210-7290735
mobile 697-2253326

  Curriculum vitae

Nicoletta Gouli was born at Corfu and studied drawing, graphic design, cinema and theatre in Athens.
She works as a director for cinema, television and theatre.

2002. Film-Documentary Elaia Kallistafanos. Duration 23 min. Video. Colour. It is a documentary-in view of the Olympic Games of 2004-based on the olive-tree culture. Producted by Periegesis.

Film-Documentary Poulgia and Alefkimmo. Duration 52 min. Video. Colour. It is a documentary about the influence exerted and the contemporary overtones prevalent in the cross-cultural relationships between S. Corfu and S. Italy. Producted by Periegesis.

2001. Film-Documentary Where the time that passes goes? Duration 52 min, Video, Colour. A documentary, about Corfu and six notable personalities. An investigation into the areas of historic memory. Producted by Periegesis.

2000. Theatre play based on the short stories A Mother and An Encounter from James Joyce’s The Dubliners. A film is shown along with drama action on the stage.
It was produced by the Municipal State Theatre of North Aegean.

Film – Documentary Laskarina Boubouli.
A historical and political documentary – biography. Duration 52 min. Video. Colour.
It was commissioned by the Greek State Television (NET), and produced by CL Productions.

1999. 10 Film – Documentaries Modern Greek Olympic Champions. Colour.
Ten hourly biografiacal portraits. ET1 Production.

1997. Short film Anna’s Smile, 20 min, black and white. A young man confronts death: his beloved people and life without him. It was produced by the Greek Film Centre and CL Productions.
Festivals: Drama, Greece; Barcelona, Spain; Brisbane, Australia; Montpellier and Aviron France.
Awards: Second Prize for Direction, Leading Actress, State Prize-Ministry of Culture. Criticism. KATHIMERINH-newsparer. (N.Gouli was award the 2nd prize for direction in her sensitive and atmospheric film “Anna’s smile” in which under the pretext of death, she is praising life and the come-back to smile).ANTI-CINEMA. Magazine. (N.Gouli presented her film “Anna’s smile” in which she filmed in a mature and fine way the sorrow of death, and the feelings caused on expectation of death).

1994. Short film, Magna Cum Laude, 10 min, black and white. A parody about an unemployed male baby nurse. It was produced by the Greek Film Centre and N. Gouli.
Festivals: Drama Short Film Festival, Greece; Munich, Germany; Tunisia, Tunisia.

Work in Progress
Script writing for feature-film entitled “Oleander”.

Other Projects
Collection of Poems entitled The Button.
To be published.