First stage of Acqua&Sale is a virtual online platform which has been realised between March and May 2003 by the German partner in Münster.

Second stage is a non-virtual one realised in the Salento by Fernando Schiavano and his team around the Municipality of Casarano. It will take place in the Palazzo d’Elia in Casarano and the Museo Archeologico in Ugento between 13th of July and 15th of September 2003.

A third stage is planned to take place in the New Venetian Fortress of Corfu town between 20th of September and 10th of October in Corfu/Greece.
  2003 – the history

Apply of and individuating the artists from Italy, Greece and Germany
There are 3 categories of artworks:
- installations and performances
- drawings/graphics, paintings and objects
- photography, film/video, digital media

until 31st March
Sending the digitalised artworks to the German partner until end of March

until 15th May
creating the Acqua&Sale online platform
15th May

opening of the Acqua&Sale online show

end of May
sending the artworks to Salento

9th-14th of July
inviting the artists for realising the Acqua&Sale exhibition in Salento

13th July
opening of the Acqua&Sale exhibition in Salento in the cities of Casarano, Palazzo D’Elia, and Ugento, Museo Archeologico
  13th July– 15th September
duration of the Acqua&Sale exhibition parallely to Poly-Morphosis, the other InItinere exhibition situated at different sites in public space

forwarding the artworks across the adriatic sea for the stay of Acqua&Sale in Corfu/Greece

20th September – 10th October

third Acqua&Sale exhibition in the New Venetian Fortress of Corfu town in Corfu/Greece

mid of October
resending the artworks to the artists, end of Acqua&Sale project
the Acqua&Sale online exhibition